Jatujak Bangkok Weekend Market – All You Need Will Be Here

Jatujak Bangkok Weekend Market, also known as Chatuchak or JJ, is one of the most famous and popular attractions in Bangkok. It is the world’s largest weekend market, with over 15,000 stalls selling a wide range of products, from clothes, accessories, antiques, art, books, electronics, furniture, plants, pets, food, and more. You can find anything you need or want at this market, and at very cheap prices. Here is a guide to help you enjoy your shopping spree at Jatujak Bangkok Weekend Market:

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market is by taking the Skytrain (BTS) or the subway (MRT). The nearest Skytrain station is Mo Chit, while the nearest subway station is Chatuchak Park. From there, you can follow the signs and the crowd to the market entrance. The market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm. Some sections may open earlier or close later depending on the vendors.

How to navigate

The market is huge and maze-like, so it can be easy to get lost or confused. To help you navigate, you can use a map of the market or a smartphone with GPS. The map shows you the 26 sections of the market and what they sell. You can also look for the numbered gates and sois (lanes) to orient yourself. If you see something you like, remember to note down the location of the stall so you can find it again later.

How to shop

Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market can be fun and rewarding, but also challenging and exhausting. Here are some tips to help you shop smartly and efficiently:

  • Bring a backpack or a shopping bag to carry your purchases
  • Bring cash in small bills and coins as most vendors do not accept credit cards or large notes
  • Bargain politely and friendly with the vendors to get the best deals
  • Compare prices and quality of different stalls before buying
  • Check the condition and authenticity of the products before buying
  • Be careful of pickpockets and scammers in the crowded areas
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring a hat or an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun
  • Bring a bottle of water and some snacks to stay hydrated and energized
  • Take breaks and enjoy a massage or some food at the market

What to buy

With so many stalls and products to choose from, you may wonder what to buy at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Here are some of the most popular and unique products that you can find at the market:

  • Clothes and accessories: You can find fashionable and affordable clothes and accessories at sections 2-6 and 10-26. Whether you are looking for trendy T-shirts, vintage dresses, handmade jewelry, leather bags, or sunglasses, you can find them here at bargain prices.
  • Antiques and art: If you are into antiques and art, you should head to sections 1-4 and 27-28. You can find rare and exquisite items such as Buddha statues, porcelain, paintings, sculptures, masks, musical instruments, and more. Be careful though as some of them may be fake or illegal.
  • Books and electronics: For bookworms and gadget lovers, sections 5-6 are your paradise. You can find new and used books in various languages and genres, as well as CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, video games, cameras, laptops, phones, and other electronic devices. You can also find repair shops and accessories for your gadgets.
  • Furniture and home decor: If you want to spruce up your home with some unique and stylish furniture and home decor items, you should check out sections 8-11 and 18-24. You can find everything from lamps, rugs, cushions, curtains, mirrors, paintings, clocks, candles, vases, pots, plants, flowers, and more. You can also find custom-made furniture and services such as upholstery and carpentry.
  • Pets and pet supplies: If you are an animal lover or looking for a new furry friend, you should visit sections 13-15. You can find a variety of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, hamsters, rabbits, and more. You can also find pet supplies such as food, toys, cages, leashes, collars, and more. However, be aware that some of the animals may not be in good condition or treated well by their sellers. You should also check the legal and ethical issues of buying and owning certain pets in Thailand.
  • Food and drinks: After all that shopping, you will surely need some refreshment and nourishment. Luckily, you can find plenty of food and drinks at sections 2-4, 6-8, 22-26, and 27. You can sample a variety of local delicacies, such as pad thai, som tam, satay, coconut ice cream, and more. You can also find international cuisines, such as Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and more. You can also quench your thirst with fresh juices, smoothies, coffee, tea, or beer. You can enjoy your food and drinks at the market or take them away as souvenirs.

These are just some of the products that you can buy at Chatuchak Weekend Market. There are many more items and categories that you can explore and discover at this amazing market. You can spend hours or even days browsing and shopping at this market, and still not see everything. Chatuchak Weekend Market is truly a place where you can find all you need and more.